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The Gong Difference

At Creative Gong, your business objectives are our main concerns. We always keep your best interest in mind. We look for long-lasting relationships with every one of our clients and work closely with them every step of the way. Located in the largest bi-national metropolitan area in the world, Creative Gong understands multi-cultural marketing.

Why Creative Gong?

By Sandra Salas, A.K.A. Ms. Creative Genius.

2018 is here and I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for allowing Creative Gong to be part of your team. We look forward to more relationships and opportunities in the new year.
I've been thinking about how much I love to design. Someone asked me why I called my design studio, "Creative Gong." I thought I'd share the origin of the name with you:

In 2007, I decided to make the jump and open the biz. When it came to naming it, I didn't know. So I sat down and thought of names, you know, the super original options like "Sandrita's Design, Design Salas, etc." but no... then I began thinking about my creative process. 

You see, designers, we communicate, we sell a product, service, or idea. Design is not art, it is not making things look pretty.  The way I see it, design is problem-solving... and for any given problem, there is an infinite number of solutions. My job is to find the best (most creative) solution, for that particular problem, in that particular time, targeting that particular audience, with that particular budget. Finding that solution takes time, research, planning and creativity. I usually come up with various options. I work them, eliminate some, develop the others and that moment... you know that moment... when you just know that you've found the best solution for that problem, it is as if all this energy just hits me... and I know.

The only way I can describe this experience is similar to striking a gong. When hitting a gong, it makes a sound and it vibrates. The vibrations can be felt by the person who is holding the gong as well as by the person who hits it. The vibrations can be felt all over the body. It feels exactly as when I find the solution. 

... and that is why I called it, "Creative Gong."

Our Services Include: Creative Services

Graphic Design
Special Projects

  • Ads
  • Annual Reports
  • Apps
  • Billboards
  • Book Covers
  • Brochures
  • Business Papers (letterhead, bc, envelopes)
  • Capabilities Statements/Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • CD covers
  • Custom Miscellaneous (trophies, paintings, etc)
  • Displays and Banners
  • Door Hangers
  • DVD Covers
  • E-book Covers
  • Employee Handbook Design
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Floor Graphics
  • Flyers
  • Game boards
  • Handouts
  • Identity Design - LOGOS
  • Invitations/Greeting Cards
  • Menus
  • Mukimono (creations with fruits & vegetables)
  • Murals
  • Newsletters
  • Packaging
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Promotional Items (pens, keychains, etc)
  • Sales Kits with Inserts
  • Signage (exterior and interior)
  • Social Media Content and maintenance
  • Special Event (conference material)
  • Table Top Displays
  • Table Tents
  • Trade show Displays
  • Trophy Design
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Banner Ads
  • Web Icons
  • Web Landing Pages
  • Window Graphics

The Gong Experience

  • Meet & Greet - it's FREE
  • CG Submits proposal
  • Review and approve proposal
  • Pay 50% of project
  • CG presents 2 to 3 concepts
  • Refine work (up to 3 rounds of revisions or as specified in proposal)
  • Approve work
  • Finalize
  • Deliver project
  • Pay balance
  • Everybody's HAPPY

* There will be a $50 fee for any bounced checks.

Companies We Have Served

  • AAA Construction
  • Abundant Life Ministries
  • Advertising Federation of El Paso
  • Adriana Guerra Insurance Leaders
  • Aida S Cuisine
  • Argus Technology
  • Anamarc College
  • Aztec Contractors
  • Biztech
  • Bridal & Quinceañera Guide Online
  • BNI Synergy Chapter
  • Cielo Vista Insurance
  • Covenant Christian Academy
  • Cutie Pie Gifts
  • Data Weavers
  • Dynatec Laboratories
  • Electroplating of El Paso
  • El Paso Diabetes Association
  • El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • El Paso Methadone Maintenance & Detoxification Treatment Center
  • El Paso Mortgage and Bankers Association
  • Emerging Faces in Hispanic Advertising
  • Ernie Gs Lounge and Grille
  • Ernie Gs Catering
  • Floor Solutions
  • Follow Me Too
  • Funtastico
  • Fun Cuts
  • Geneco
  • Habits of Wellness
  • Heavenly Empire
  • Haven Remodelers
  • Hispanic Advertising Conference
  • Hablando de la Salud de la Mujer Laura Bush Institute
  • HIlltop Janitorial Services
  • HIre Times
  • IDA Corporate Living
  • Innova Digital Systems
  • InStitches
  • Integrated Defense Applications Technology
  • Jazz El Paso Connection
  • KLAQ
  • La Compañia de Recursos Humanos
  • Lone Star Industrial
  • Legion
  • Lillebo Painting
  • Mark R. Lucas Author
  • Marketing Solutions and More
  • Martin's Funeral Home
  • Magnys
  • Max Spine
  • Max Surgical
  • Media4Him
  • Medi Grids
  • Merkado Teknia
  • METI Inc.
  • Mind Body Clinic
  • Montenegro Salon & Spa
  • Mouthfeel Press
  • NAIFA El Paso
  • NARI
  • National Electrical Contractors
  • National Security
  • NPC Texas Contractors
  • Onyx Systems
  • Operation Outreach
  • OT Trucking Company
  • Peace of Art
  • Peak of Balance
  • Pecha Kucha
  • Printek Supplies
  • Print Source
  • Quiñonez & Aranda Law Firm
  • Regent Broadcasting of El Paso
  • RH Performance Horses
  • Rita's Lounge and Grille
  • R & E Cleaning Services
  • Sabina Signature Landscapes
  • Shalom Mind Body Clinic
  • So El Paso
  • Sonia Zubiate Ettiquette Coach
  • Southwest Wellness Clinic
  • SRO Events
  • Step by Step
  • SunRidge Community Living
  • Synergy Group
  • Target Logistics
  • Texas Tech UHSC
  • Texas Tech Paul L. Foster School of Medicine
  • The Colour Amber
  • The Green Ingredient
  • The Greene Group
  • The HR Company
  • The Middle Est Greene Group
  • The Messenger
  • Tranining with Danny
  • Tribunal Internacional de los Pueblos en Movimiento
  • U Bid N Ship
  • UTEP
  • VM Investigation
  • Wisdom2Win
  • Young El Paso Singers
  • and the list continues to grow.